Thought You might be interested to know:

1. Freddie Mac recently announced Targeted Affordable Housing Express Program.  This Program has Streamlined Costs.  Eligible properties should be stabilized, with a loan of $10 million or less, and have at least one of these affordable characteristics:

  • Tax abatement
  • Section 8 vouchers
  • HAP contract
  • LIHTC properties in at least year 11 of compliance period
  • Regulatory agreement that imposes rent/income restrictions 

2.  Fannie Mae Multifamily
While spreads did widen 8-10 bps compared to last Monday, the drop in the Treasury more than made up for it.  Compared to last week’s rates which was issued with a 10-year at 3.07%, rates are down anywhere from 15-20 bps depending on the loan structure.  They seem to have stabilized for the moment but as we all know, this can change rather quickly.

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Scott Taccati
Trillium Capital Resources